The Standard In Scratch Resistance


The use of the nanocomposite technology has improved for glasses and the scratch resistance of Supra coated lenses against both light abrasion and deep scratching. Because of their surface hardness, derived from the polymerisation of polysiloxane compounds, Supra coated lenses require no special precautions. Nevertheless, cleaning with a tie or scarf etc, and leaving Glasses on a desk lens down or in an excessively hot place, should be avoided.



Trio Easy, Entry Level Smudge Repellence & Easy Clean


Our value anti-reflective coating for all prescription glasses, with no compromise on quality. Its exclusive formula offers hydrophobic and oil repellent properties. Ideally suited to those new to AR coated lenses, or who believe they are difficult to keep clean. Its great performance is down to its efficient top coat that consists of a high density film of fluorinated molecules on the lens surface.
The Trio Easy top-coat makes surfaces particularly waterproof and slippery, so particles adhere less and are easily cleaned off.The combination of anti-reflective efficiency and scratch resistant performance means you can offer your patients a product for thier glasses, lenses that improves both their comfort and appearance.



Crizal Sun for Sunglasses and Prescription Sunglasses -

Unparalled UV Protection without smudges.


Ordinary sun lenses only protect the eyes from direct sunlight going through the lens. But up to 15% of visible light and UV rays come from light reflected on the rear surface of the lens back into the eye, causing potential UV damage and visual discomfort. Crizal Sun is unrivalled in eliminating both UV & visible light rear surface reflection. Crizal Sun reflects 4 times less UV light from its rear surface than standard sun lenses. Combined with the protection from direct (frontal) UV exposure, this helps Crizal Sun set new standards in protection. Smudges are highly visible on tinted lenses. For this reason we apply a superhydrophobic top-coat to both sides of Crizal Sun lenses; on top of the hard coating on the front surface and the AR coating on the back. Perception tests* show wearers experience 40% more visual comfort as a result of reduced glare, lenses stay smudge-free for twice as long and wipe clean in half the time.



Crizal Alizé for all eyewear glasses - Pure Preformance, Pure Clarity


Crizal Alizé offers excellent all-round clarity of vision; combining incredible smudge repellence, scratch resistance and anti-reflective performance. Crizal Alizé’s advanced MAR coating fills in microscopic cracks to produces a near perfectly smooth surface. This makes it 3 times more repellent and 10 times easier to clean*. Tests show** Crizal Alizé are 3 times more durable than a leading competitor’s equivalent lens. Compared to uncoated lenses they also provide 80% reduction in reflection. *Than standard uncoated lenses. **Steel wool test.


Crizal Forte lenses with Scotchgard™ for all Designer Glasses - 
The New Standard in Vision Clarity.

Crizal Forte lenses with Scotchgard™ is the groundbreaking lens coating that takes scratch, dirt and reflection elimination to a new level. For your new glasses it provides the most advanced and enduring protection for wearers, thanks to the latest technology in HMAR. A new intermediate booster layer creates a gradual increase in hardness from the scratch resistant layers to the AR coating, making Crizal Forte twice as scratch resistant as Crizal Alizé and just as tough as an AR glass coated lens. New advanced hydrophobic HSD and anti-static Scotchgard protector technology gives Crizal Forte unequalled smudge resistance and dust repellence, achieving a new standard in vision clarity. The optimisation of anti-reflective layers reduces reflections by 30% compared to Crizal Alizé.



Scratches appear on ordinary lenses - 

They don’t on Crizal Forte lenses with Scotchgard

Scratches appear on ordinary lenses -  They don’t on Crizal Forte lenses with Scotchgard

Lab Tests results

  • As scratch resistant as an AR* coated glass Prescription lens
  • Twice as scratch resistant as Crizal Alizé


Smudges appear on ordinary lenses - 

They don’t on Crizal Forte lenses with Scotchgard

Smudges appear on ordinary lenses -  They don’t on Crizal Forte lenses with Scotchgard

Lab Tests results

  • Unequalled smudge efficiency
  • Easier to clean Prescription Lenses
  • Virtually dust-free


Reflections and ghost images appear on ordinary lenses -

They don’t on Crizal Forte lenses with Scotchgard

Reflections and ghost images appear on ordinary lenses - They don’t on Crizal Forte lenses with Scotchgard

Lab Tests results

  • Crizal Forte Prescription lenses with Scotchgard reduces reflections up to 30%*
  • Excellent AR efficiency with reduced bloom for more discreet result Wearers see the difference


Essilor Materials


Glasses with Orma - The Lenses Everyone Can Afford

Orma is Essilor's version of CR39 which was for many years, the world's most popular lens material for glasses. Orma is a lightweight, tough plastic lens that is much safer than glass.It weighs far less than the equivalent glass lens and it very easy to tint. Hard coatings are recommended on glasses to increase scratch resistance and anti-reflection coatings can be applied.

For ophthalmic optics, CR39 features a number of properties which account for its success : a refractive index of 1.5 (close to that of standard glass), a density of 1.32 (almost half that of glass) and a constringence of 58-59 (thus a very low chromatism), high impact resistance, excellent transparency, and multiple tinting and coating possibilites. Its major drawback is its limited resistance to abrasion relative to glass.


Glasses with Ormix 1.6 - The Material You Can Rely On

Ormix 1.6 is a material you can recommend to wearers with confidence. Ormix 1.6 lenses perfectly meet wearers’ needs: they are discreet and are suitable for any occasion.

Single Vision Ormix 1.6 spherical and aspherical lenses are available in prescription and in stock, in the most extensive power range. The optical design has been enhanced to create thinner lenses and improve quality. Ormix 1.6 lenses are also available in all the latest Varilux design: Varilux Ipséo and Varilux Physio.


Glasses with Varilux Ellipse and Varilux Comfort are available too.

Both Single Vision and Varifocal eyewear lenses come as clear or Transitions. Ormix 1.6 lenses are available with Essilor’ state of the art coating Crizal Alizé with Scotchgard Protector, Crizal Alizé and Supra. Ormix 1.6 lenses can be tinted with Essilor tints.


Glasses with Airwear - Lightness & Strength All In One

For people who rely on their spectacles for daily use, having the right lens is paramount. The eyewear lenses must be comfortable yet robust enough to cope with all daily activities, from sport right through to driving! Airwear lenses offer so many benefits to glasses wearers that almost anyone is a candidate - whatever they do.

The success of Airwear is based on the quality of the Supra Hard coating, Trio Green, Crizal Alizé & Crizal Alizé with Scotchgard Protector MAR coatings. These coatings ensure Airwear lenses remain clear even when subjected to daily wear. A Crizal Alizé with Scotchgard Protector coating on glasses will ensure additionally that the lenses remain dust & smudge free for longer making Airwear the ideal product for people that care about their vision.


Glasses with Stylis 1.67 - Today Technology Has Style

Stylis 1.67 lenses set a new standard in the rapidly increasing high-index market, allowing you to offer your patients designer glasses with thinner and flatter lenses. Thanks to their excellent price-quality ratio, your sure to satisfy even the most demanding spectacle wearers. Patients all over the world are demanding high index lenses, because of their comfort and cosmetic appeal. In fact, by the year 2015 it is anticipated that sales of medium and high index lenses will be 5 times greater than they were in 1995.
Its 1.67 index material make Stylis lenses remarkably thin and attractive. When compared to a 1.6 index lens, Stylis 1.67 is on average 15% thinner and 25% flatter. To achieve ultimate transparency Stylis 1.67 lenses are coated with Crizal - the leading broad band MAR coating. Glasses with Crizal coatings are guaranteed for two years against manufacturing defects for your own peace of mind and that of your customers.


Glasses with Lineis 1.74 - Discover The Pleasure of Wearing Spectacles

The new eyewear lens for mid to high prescriptions. The first corrective ultra-high index lens that, even when used for high prescriptions in glasses, compliments any eyewear frame in any style. 63% of mid to high prescription wearers* are not happy with their current spectacles. For half of them, their dissatisfaction is down to them not being happy with the way they look and feel in their glasses, for example: Thick lenses, heavy spectacles or eye magnification.


Essilor Coatings


Transitions VI - Advanced Preformance For Healthy Sight

Offering the most advanced photochromic lenses for designer glasses with enhanced performance for healthy sight. Essilor Transitions VI lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions to reduce eye fatigue and eye strain and are darker outdoors particularly in hot temperatures.Transitions VI lenses enhance the visual quality of your prescription glasses and help preserve the health and wellbeing of your patients' eyes, so they will see better today and tomorrow. Crizal Alizé and Scotchgard enhances the performance of Essilor Transitions eyewear lenses and offers the best resistance to smudges and dust.
Offering improved photochromic performance, Transitions VI:
  • Is even darker outdoors, particularly in hot temperatures, for enhanced visual comfort in the sun.
  • Is as clear as a clear lens indoors.
  • Blocks 100% of UVA and UVB radiation.
  • Performs consistently across all materials.


Silver Shadow Clean Touch - Flash Mirror On Corrective Lenses

High performance with cosmetic appeal for your designer Essilor!
  • A transparent mirror coating that does not affect the original tint.
  • A style that will not go unnoticed, offering a look that can be sporty, casual or elegant.
  • An effect provided on multiple tints and densities.
Silver Shadow CT can be combined with the most suitable tints on Orma and Stylis 1.67 single-vision, glasses for lifestyle and varifocal lenses, and is available with Essilor Tints and is also available on clear lenses.


Polarising Sunglasses Sun Lenses - Better Vision For All Outdoor Activities In the Sun 

Another innovation in the Essilor sunglasses Sun lens range comes with the launch of polarising corrective lenses available in both Orma 1.5 and Airwear 1.59. A real step forward in quality of outdoor vision for all designer spectacle wearers. In addition to providing protection against the effects of UV light, Essilors polarising lenses give effective protection against the glare caused by reflected sunlight and numerous benefits for greater comfort and safety for activities outdoors. 
  • Glare reduction
  • Enhanced colour perception
  • Improved contrast
  • Greater visual comfort
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection